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Read on to discover more about colon hydrotherapy and why  we love it!

Colon Hydrotherapy Dubbo and Orange NSW

Hydro Cleanse is located in Central West NSW with clinics in both Orange and Dubbo. They are both respectively the first Colon Clinics in both locations.


Colon Hydrotherapy (or Colon Irrigation), is a safe and tested method of cleansing the body of toxins. Hydro Cleanse uses a CLOSED System.


Colon Hydrotherapy gives the body a kickstart to internal health and wellbeing. Its also about Health promotion, starting a conversation about Gut Health and helping clients to start focusing on what comes out as well as what goes in!

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Meet our Therapists

Alicia Ross

Alicia Ross is the founder of Hydro Cleanse. Alicia is a Colon Therapist, trained at The Australian Institute of Health in Queensland. Having completed her qualifications, Alicia opened the first Colonic Clinic in the NSW Central West, Hydro Cleanse in January 2011. Hydro Cleanse now has two locations, Orange and Dubbo.

After a corporate career in Queensland and having experienced personal health issues after children, Alicia found Colon Hydrotherapy and quickly saw the benefits – not only physically but emotionally. Upon returning to her hometown in Orange NSW, Alicia realised people in the Central West NSW didn’t have access to this amazing therapy. So began Hydro Cleanse.

Alicia has a passion to educate and listen. But most importantly, starting a conversation and removing that stigma of doing a poo. After all, its something we all do!

Jane Beach

Jane Beach is a Colon Therapist, trained at the Australian Colon Health in Melbourne. She has a well-established career in Nursing with expertise in Infant & Child Health, Women’s Health, Education & Training and Patient Safety & Quality. She has a long-standing interest in Nutrition and Gut Health. Jane has a passionate interest in the relationship of diet and lifestyle to gut health and symptoms of gut dysfunction. She sees Colon Hydrotherapy holistically, not just relieving symptoms but as a window into the area of total good health.

Hydro Cleanse
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